It’s work out of the freezer month here at the Dineen/Martorano household.  I did a bit of shopping when we got back from vacation and in just a few days we went from manageable to barely close the freezer door.  I got some good deals, but it’s still a bit tight.

The nice thing about having both a sharp knife and a FoodSaver is the ability to buy things like whole pork loins, beef tenderloins, or whole eye rounds and portion them up for pennies on the pound.  Boneless pork chops can run $5.99/lb or more.  A whole pork loin on sale at $1.99/lb  can give me 20 pork chops for less than $20.00.  Same holds true for anything else.

So tonight’s meal deal was a 2″ thick piece of eye of the round beef.  I cut it into cubes and marinated it in Moore’s Original Marinade for about 20 minutes before putting them on the grill.  Moore’s hails from Alabama.  I first heard of it from our friend Mike down in South Carolina.  It’s a quick and easy marinade that one can do lots of things to – or just use it as it is.

Good stuff.

Served it over some Israeli couscous blend and a really simple mushroom gravy – mushrooms, red wine, beef broth…

It worked well.

We have a fresh peach pie cooling for dessert.

Life is good.