The past week or so has been interesting eating around the Dineen/Martorano household.  We have been in serious clean out the refrigerator mode in anticipation of our little trek to Italy on Friday.

What?!?  You didn’t know we were heading to Italy for 15 glorious days?!?  With apartments in Rome and Florence?!?  You been hiding under a rock?!?

Really… I’m sure my coworkers would gladly take up a collection to get me to stay home for the next two days if they could.  I mean…  It’s not like I’ve been totally obnoxious. Much…

In less than 71 hours, we’re on our way.

And that means a clean refrigerator before we go.  Waste not, want not and all that…

Renting apartments – with kitchens, washing machines, living rooms and real chairs and couches – is going to really make the trip.  I’ve been scoping out the neighborhoods around our apartments and already know where the grocery stores, supermarkets, specialty stores, and other mercatos are located.  We have one store directly around the corner from us in Rome.  I’ll be there early Saturday.

I want to cook in Italy.  I want to eat in Italy.  I want to experience as many flavors as I can.  And I want to shop and bring home as much as I can.  I’m traveling with a big suitcase.

La Cucina Italiana, indeed.

Besides the mercatos, I’ve been checking out kitchen stores.  Who knows what tool or gadget I’ll find that I just won’t be able to live without.

And while I’ve been checking out kitchen stores, Victor has been checking out pottery, dishes, platters, bowls, and the like.  I wouldn’t be surprised if we end up with a new set of china…  Hand-painted Tuscan… We shall see…

We will be posting regularly here and at

I just can’t wait.