I love it when there are enough odds and ends laying about that I can create dinner without having to really do anything.

And tonight was a perfect case in point.

Yesterday I had grilled pork chops.  Not the two thick chops I thought I had pulled out of the freezer, but 5 thin chops I had cut and thought I’d use for pork scallops or some such thing.  After they had thawed and I realized they weren’t quite what I was expecting, I marinated them all in some red wine, garlic, and olive oil and then grilled them.  We ate the two larger ones and the remaining three went into the ‘fridge.

Also in the ‘fridge – sitting in a lovely tupperware container – was a couple of cups of sauce left over from Sunday’s Lasagne.  It was a great homemade sauce – we eschew jarred sauce in our house – and was just crying out for some pasta to cover.

And lo!  A half-box of pasta on the shelf!  Could this have really been planned all along?

Well.  No.  It’s just what our kitchen is like on most days.  We can always cook dinner without going to the store.

So the pork cutlets were cubed and dropped into the sauce.  The pasta was dropped into the boiling water.  The end of the wedge of pecorino romano cheese was grated.  Yesterday’s bread was sliced.

Dinner was served!

And while dinner was a bevy of leftovers, dessert is fresh – fresh blackberries in a homemade custard.  It’s cooling in the ‘fridge right now…