It’s Victor’s birthday.

His favorite meal?!?  Meatloaf, mashed potatoes, and peas.  Birthday dinners at our house are so easy.

Ya gotta love a guy who wants basic comfort food for his annual main meal.  Over the years I’ve played with it…  A couple of years ago I made a Rustic French Meatloaf that was really good, but as good as it was, basic still reigns supreme.  Mushroom gravy.  Simple.

I did make a nice chocolate cake last night.  It was the day before his birthday, but we were dessertless and I figured we could start celebrating early…

Basic chocolate with chocolate filling.

It came out really good, too.  I have 8″ cake pans that really do make for a great layer cake. But we’re passing on the cake right now, because we’re off to see the 70th Anniversary showing of Casablanca!

It is playing in 500 theaters across the USofA tonight only.  This is one film I really can’t wait to see on the big screen.  It’s amazing that you can’t drag us to the theater on any other occasion.  Newest blockbuster movie?!?  Eh.  Yawn.  Whatever.  But a 70 year old flick we’ve both seen a bazillion times and can recite the dialog to?!?  We’re there.

It has nothing to do with getting old.  Really.

Off we go for $40.00 popcorn.

Happy Birthday!