I found out last night that a coworker of mine has a spice rub company.  The company is Hunter’s Recipe and I have to tell ya – I’m impressed!

Many of his rubs are geared towards wild game – it’s called Hunter’s Recipe for a reason – but besides the venison rubs, there are also rubs for turkey, duck, goose, beef, salmon, chicken…  There truly is something for everyone!

I was the fortunate recipient of a sample pack of his Classic Montreal Steak rub – and I have to tell ya…  It Rocked!

At any given moment I probably have 40 or 50 different herbs and spices in the cupboard.  One would think that the last thing I need is a spice blend of things I probably already have.

One would be wrong.

I picked up a full tenderloin the other day and just happened to have a couple of filet steaks in the freezer.  I thawed them, and, following the instructions on the spice packet, coated them with oil and then liberally coated them with the spice mixture.  I let them marinate for about 2 hours before grilling them on the gas grill.

I mean it.  They rocked!

It was a really unique blend of flavors that made the steaks just explode with flavor.  Let’s face it…  a filet mignon is an extremely tender piece of meat but it’s one of the most bland-tasting there is.  There’s a reason why they’re wrapped in bacon or topped with Béarnaise sauce.  They can use a little help.

Hunter’s Recipe Classic Montreal Steak rub took a great cut of meat and elevated it to Outstanding.  I could individually pick out some of the flavors – fennel, red pepper, black pepper – and something playing in the background that I finally found out was coriander seed – but they blended together perfectly.  All of the flavors were there in perfect proportion and in perfect harmony.  Having made a few spice blends of my own in the past, it’s not an easy task to get that perfect balance.  Chef Jeremy did.

And now I want to try even more of them!

So… I just ordered a 12-pack sampler pack.  $35.95 – with free shipping!

I’m looking forward to seeing what fun things I can come up with!

Thanks, Jeremy!