I said yesterday that I wasn’t going to throw away a $14.00 chicken even if I did burn the hell out of it.  So…  if you have something that is charred and smoky…  add something charred and smoky and make it look as if it was supposed to be that way all along.  Like Chipotles!

Yes…  chipotles.  In adobo.  I love ’em.

While I was first thinking a nice Mexican chicken salad, tacos sounded even better.

I had tossed the burnt skin and charred bones, but there was still the majority of a chicken left.  And it wasn’t exactly cooked all the way, either.  I finished cooking it all in a skillet and put it away…

Tonight, it went back into a skillet with bell pepper, onion, chopped green chilis, sofrito sauce, canned diced tomatoes, and the aforementioned chipotles in adobo.  I simmered it all up and served it in corn tortillas with lettuce, shredded cheeses, black olives, salsa, sour cream…

There were big chunks of chicken that just made a perfect mess when eating.  Everything was sliding all over the place and we went through numerous napkins.

It was a successful meal!

Victor’s in the kitchen working on tomorrow night’s dinner…  Life is good.