By the time March hits, I’m usually craving salads.  Usually, the weather isn’t cooperating and I’m still making soups and stews.

Today, the weather is cooperating.  It’s 72° outside.  I’m making salads.

I love big ol’ salads for dinner.  Fresh vegetables, juicy red ripe tomatoes, and something off the grill – chicken, beef, pork…  It really doesn’t matter – they’re all good.

Tonight’s gastronomic delight started with a bed of romaine lettuce.  Onto it went grilled asparagus and broccoli florettes that had been marinated in olive oil, balsamic vinegar, and garlic.  Very basic, very simple, very tasty.  Next was an avocado half and half a New York tomato. (No Florida tomatoes in this house!!)  Next went a grilled chicken breast that had been marinated in red wine, garlic, and olive oil.  Again, very basic, but also very good.

And it was topped with a homemade 1000 Island dressing.  We generally don’t buy bottled dressings.  Even the “good” ones generally have more ingredients than I need.  Tonight’s was mayo, ketchup, dijon mustard, chopped pickle, and a bit of cream to thin.  Salt, pepper, garlic powder.  The other nice thing about making your own dressing is not having numerous science experiments growing in the ‘fridge.  Make just what you need with ingredients already in the house and it’s always fresh.  And less expensive!

It actually looks like we’re in for a couple more days of Spring-like weather, so I’ll have to see what other warmer-weather ideas come to mind.