My thought process was to make a bit of a pepper steak for dinner.  I had a couple of red peppers that needed using up and had pulled a piece of round steak out to thaw before work…  When I opened the cupboard to start dinner, I saw a bottle of Wegmans Asian Sauce.  I had picked it up a while ago without any real plans for it.  Pepper Steak became a Stir Fry.  It seemed like the perfect no-brainer meal.

I thin-sliced the round steak and sauteed it with celery, carrots, red peppers, mushrooms… and then went in about a half-bottle of the sauce.  It wasn’t bad…  It just wasn’t all that great.  It really lacked spice.  I should have added some sambal oelek to it – but I didn’t.  Since there’s still a half-bottle in the ‘fridge, I’ll know better for next time.

The ingredients are good – no artificial garbage and no high fructose corn syrup  – but as I find with almost all bottled sauces, they’re made for a much meeker consumer.  I rather like bold flavors and lots of heat and spice, and don’t like it when there’s an abundance of sweet without an abundance of savory.

It’s usually easier just to throw something together than to spend the time doctoring up a bottle of something, but who knows…  maybe I’ll give it another shot.