After almost a week of playing bachelor, it’s good to be eating regularly, again.  Victor was in London and I was busy redoing the basement. I have to admit that my eating habits just aren’t all that great when I’m home alone.  Somehow, the joy of cooking just isn’t there.

At least this trip I didn’t subsist solely on chili dogs.  I made a huge pot of vegetable beef soup and ate it every day – along with the occasional hot dog, burger, and chicken salad sandwich.  And, I tried my hand at some junk food.  We will call it a fail.  On Monday, I did my normal shopping for Victor’s mom at the local Acme.  I saw a small Vanilla Cake in the in-house bakery and thought what the heck.  It was a vanilla cake with a sugar glaze. I brought it home, cut one slice, took one bite, and threw it out.  I wasn’t expecting something overly fantastic, but geeze – it really sucked.  It’s nice to know that as low as they may be, I still have some standards!

So everything is back to normal and Victor is back in the kitchen on Saturday while I’m at work.  And I am pleased.

Tonight I walked in to spaghetti with a red clam sauce.  A simple throw-together sauce of garlic, red pepper flakes, tomato paste, canned clams (and about a cup of clam juice), a splash of pasta water, and about a half-cup of shredded romano cheese.

Really simple, with a ton of flavor. Just what I needed on a cold, wintry night.

He has another trip scheduled for February.  I’m thinking a big pot of turkey soup will be in order…

And another project…..