The pork roast from last night was re-purposed tonight.  When I was cooking it yesterday, I was trying to figure out a meal for today. We’re a waste-not-want-not kinda place here.  No-regrets shopping.  We buy it – we eat it.  It makes for some interesting meals now and again.

Winter is good because a pot of soup or a casserole can hide a multitude of sins.  Spring and summer salads hide the fresh bounty.

It works for us.

So tonight, the leftover pork simmered in a bottle of store-bought BBQ sauce and served on little rolls was the perfect leftover meal.  Store-bought frozen french fries completed the plate.

Yes, even moi takes shortcuts now and again.  I don’t always have to grow and mill the wheat and bake the bread in order to make a sandwich.  Not every time, anyway.

I have to get lots of good eating in this week because Victor is heading to London on Sunday for 5 days.  My otherwise stellar eating habits go straight to hell when he takes off for a business trip.  Cybil and I live on chili dogs and corned beef hash with fried eggs for days on end.

The other part of his going away for a few days is coming up with a secret household project while he’s gone.

I have a couple in mind right now…

Stay tuned…..