I was looking back into the archives at what we’ve been ingesting on New Year’s Day.  Surprisingly, I’m not a traditionalist.  No pork and sauerkraut and only one Hoppin’ John – and that was because we had a family gathering and it was required.  Otherwise, we seem to be all over the map as far as our New Year meal goes…

I think it’s rather fitting, that way.

This year – with the cold from hell – I had no plans at all.  I’ve been living on homemade chicken soup and really could not care less about what I eat.  I also haven’t been grocery shopping in a few days and, while there is always food in the house, it’s not necessarily what I want.

I got a freebie turkey from the local grocery store, so yesterday I decided we would roast a turkey.  I wasn’t planning on the whole magilla dinner – just the bird, gravy, and cranberry sauce.  Open-faced sandwiches was pretty much my idea.

As the turkey was roasting, Victor decided to make a sausage dressing.  And he made a fantastic apricot-cranberry sauce.  And he made biscuits.  I did the turkey and gravy.  I got off easy!

It was definitely far superior to what I had initially imagined.  The old adage is to feed a cold.  I did.  In fact, I fed a couple of them.

And I made a crustless pumpkin pie for dessert.  More on that, later.

Now that I’m over-stuffed, it’s time to look back on meals of new Year’s past…

2011: Steaks and Langostino

Langostino in a harissa cream sauce.  Surprisingly good.  Nice and spicy.

2010: Stuffed Dates

We brought these to the bro-and-sis-in-laws.  They were good.  Need to pre-cook the bacon an bit.

2009: Pork in Puff Pastry

Our one pork dish.  Because it was already here.

2008: Chicken with Almond Rice

This was from a Celtic cook book I received that year for Christmas.  It’s kinda associated with New Year and Yule.

2007: Nothing…

No idea what was going on in 2007.  Whatever it was, it didn’t include writing a blog post.

2006: Hoppin’ John

Big-time family gathering.  We need to do this, again.