Ah…  there’s nothing like a day-after-Christmas-cold to bring out the Grinch in me.  Sore throat, achy, nose running a mile a minute… Bah!  Humbug!

But if ya do have to catch a cold the day after Christmas, having Victor make Chicken Soup really does make it all feel better.

It was a simple, basic soup – the perfect type for slurping.  Really rich broth and plenty of vegetables.

Really, really good.

It was also the perfect antidote to the Feeding Frenzy that was Christmas.  We ate well, boys and girls.  Really well.

We started with crab, smoked salmon, and shrimp  and then came the clams and linguine.

Fried tilapia and baked cod in wine…

To round the evening out – and to make sure we had the requisite seven, mussels in a spicy marinara…

Simply exquisite.

There were way too many cookies, homemade candies, cheese cake… not to mention the Christmas morning breakfast that seemed to go on for hours…

It was fun.

And speaking of fun…

Even the two Nonna’s got into surfing the ‘net on the iPad…  I’m not sure what they were watching here, but a browser history showed someone did a search for “Chippendale Dancers.”

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