I just love it when Victor disappears into the kitchen after dinner.  Actually, I love it any time Victor is in the kitchen, but when it’s after dinner, that means dessert is being made.  And I ♥ dessert.

We had a pie crust left over from the other day when I made the walnut pie (if I’m making a crust, I’m making two of them!) so last night Victor decided on a pear tart – since we also had a couple of pears that were really ripe.

What was especially good about this was instead of making a custard for the filling, he whipped heavy cream and ricotta cheese together!  Really!

He whipped about a cup of heavy cream with about 3/4 cup ricotta, a quarter-cup of sugar and 1 1/2 teaspoons of vanilla.  Our measuring skills can leave a bit to be desired, at times.  He eyeballed it all but this is is approximation.

He first par-baked the crust in a tart pan for about 20 minutes.  When it was cool, he brushed it with melted chocolate.  Next went the whipped ricotta cream, and then he topped it with thinly-sliced pears.  And a bit of a chocolate drizzle for fun.

It really was outrageously good!

And even better – there’s more for tonight!

Sometimes the most simple things really are the best.  I love to get crazy and complicated now and again, but, really… it’s especially nice to be able to taste and enjoy every ingredient on its own and as part of the whole.  The tart was just that – I could taste everything, but everything blended perfectly.

I’m trying to keep this as my mantra for Thanksgiving Dinner.

I’ll let ya know on the 25th if I was successful…