Victor hates sauerkraut.

Actually, Victor hates cabbage in all its forms – except coleslaw on a Corned Beef Special.

It’s sad.  He grudgingly ate Corned Beef and Cabbage – once – but otherwise it’s just never in the house.  No diced cabbage in soups, no Cabbage Rolls, no sauerkraut on hot dogs.

Not sad.  Tragic.

So what’s a sauerkraut-and-cabbage-lover to do?  Cook it, anyway, of course!

I usually limit my sauerkraut-eating to hot dogs when Victor is away on a business trip, but last night I really had a hankerin’ for it.  I had picked up some knockwurst and planned some Beanie Weenies for dinner – and sauerkraut was just calling my name.  I keep a small can of sauerkraut in the cupboard – up and behind other things so I don’t disturb Victor’s sensibilities – and down it came!

Victor saw it and went into shock.  In a panic-stricken voice he let it be known it just couldn’t be anywhere near his dinner.

I promised to keep it separate.  I’m good that way.  I’m loving, caring, and have a great sense of self-preservation.

So we had Beanie Weenies with Cheese, and I had a side of kraut.

Gooey monterey jack and cheddar cheeses atop baked beans and knockwurst.  And huinks of homemade bread from the night before.

And on my side of the table… a small can of sauerkraut.

It was great. And Victor survived being in the same room with it.

I call that progress!