I have a cold.

I felt it coming yesterday.  I tried to fight it but I was too late.  It’s here.

I usually get two colds a year – one right about now – the changing of the seasons – and one in mid-winter…  February-ish.  They last a full two weeks no matter what.  Oh joy.

So what is a body to do when said body feels like doo-doo?  Eat, of course!

Feed a cold, feed a fever, I always say!

And since it is Sunday Morning, that means Sunday Breakfast!

It was the perfect excuse to open up my Adluh Pancake and Waffle Mix!

And yes, ladies and gentlemen, we have another winner!

I followed the instructions on the label, mixing 1 cup of milk to 1 2/3 cup of mix – and I added the optional 1 tsp oil.  Fat and sugar = tenderness in baking.

And tender, they were.  And light as a feather!  You can see by the picture how high they rose!

I used a #16 scoop (2 ounce) to dish them out and they were they perfect size.

These were by-far better than any other mix I have ever used!  They beat Krusteaz by a mile – and Krusteaz is good!

We topped them with the requisite butter and pure maple syrup (no “maple-flavored” high-fructose corn syrup in this house!) and also spread them with orange marmalade and fig butter.

Every bite was heaven!

So time to rest a bit before starting the chicken soup.

Feed a cold…

You can feed your cold – or try and preempt it – by visiting the Adluh Store, here.  You’ll be glad you did!