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Panini with Pane Pugliese

The downside to fresh-baked bread is that it doesn’t stay fresh-baked for long.  A couple of days really is the most you’re going to get from a loaf – and then it’s bread pudding, stuffing, or bread crumbs.  None of which are bad, but…

One way to extend the life of that loaf is grilled sandwiches… and if you’re fortunate to have a panini press, all the better.

Grilled sandwiches are fun – and can have absolutely anything in them – and a score of things on the outside, as well.  Butter, olive oil, even mayonnaise works well for grilling – and each adds its own unique flavor.

So today’s sandwich was Pane Pugliese with cheddar cheese, provolone cheese, and Tomato Jam that I made a while back.  I used a combination of butter and olive oil on the outside.

I really like adding different spreads and tapenades and such to grilled sandwiches.  It’s the unexpected that really makes them stand out.

Two sandwiches done in no-time flat and now plenty of time to think about dinner…


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