I’ve been having so much fun with our local Daisy flour that friends down in South Carolina decided it was time I tried their local flour – Adluh – grown in South Carolina and milled right in Columbia!  They’ve been in operation since 1900 and the mill is the third-oldest continually-operating electrically-powered soft wheat mill in the United States!

And today, just as I was getting dinner together, the UPS man arrived at the door with a package – from Kay in South Carolina!

I’m actually speechless – which is pretty unusual for me!  The box contained 8 different packages of totally unique products:

  • Stone Ground Yellow Grits – a true stone ground product from South Carolina grown yellow corn.
  • Stone Ground White Grits – a true stone ground product from white corn.
  • Sweet Potato Mix – a complete “table-tested” mix that is easy to use requiring only water, milk or buttermilk to be added.
  • Pancake/Waffle Mix – a “table-tested” blend of our patent flour and just the right amount of quality ingredients to make the best pancakes or waffles you’ve ever eaten. Just add water or milk.
  • Cobbler Mix – a complete “table-tested” mix that is easy to use, requiring only water or milk to be added.
  • Cornbread/Muffin Mix – a blend of prize-winning Adluh flour and corn meal products with just the right additives to create a multi-purpose mix.
  • Yellow Flake Biscuit Mix – a complete biscuit mix blended from enriched soft wheat flour.
  • Carolina Breader – a complete mix which is “table-tested” for a variety of uses. No additional spices or ingredients need to be added!  It’s used as a coating or breader for fish, seafood, chicken, pork chops, country-style steak, squash, okra and other vegetables.

This stuff is fresh!  Every package has a stamped milling date.  None of it is a week old!  Each package had a recipe printed on the label – and Kay included pages of additional recipes to use with the various mixes.

I’ve always loved grits.  Grits are Southern Polenta that can be served at any meal.  These are a perfect grind – just coarse enough.  I think I’ll be saving these for winter when I’m really needing warm, stick-to-the-ribs comfort-food.

And Sweet Potato Mix.  This one really has me thinking!  From Sweet Potato Biscuits to Sweet Potato Apple Cobbler with Pecans, this mix has serious potential!

Pancake/Waffler Mix.  I see a Sunday Breakfast in our very near future.

And I’m looking forward to the Cobbler Mix.  When I make cobblers, I generally make a pie crust topping or a simple sweet drop biscuit.  My Southern-Belle (as in Southern California) mother used to make a cobbler that had more of a thick batter topping.  This looks like it may be more like that.

And I already know that the Cornbread Mix is going to be used for corn sticks!   When Mike and his wife Barbara stayed with us a few years back on their way to NYC, they brought – among other things – a cast-iron corn stick pan that I’ve used many times.  Yum!

I don’t know what yellow flakes are.  I may just make this one according to package instructions.  I can’t go wrong!

And, finally, Carolina Breader.  I may just need to make a chicken-fried steak with sausage gravy.  Back when we lived in San Francisco, we would go out to dinner at Lyon’s with my parents now and again.  I would invariably order the chicken-fried steak.  I miss those meals.  It would be fun to make.

So we have lots and lots of meals planned!

And when you have a moment, check out the Adluh Store website.  They have LOTS of great products at extremely reasonable prices!

Thank you, Kay!