While I was working, today, Victor was home cooking.   It’s a great Saturday Tradition!

Today he created a pretty classic macaroni salad.  Not a pasta salad.  A macaroni salad.

There is a difference.

Pasta salad is made with anything other than elbow macaroni.  Macaroni salad is made with elbow macaroni. (There is a product out there called “salad macaroni” that is just little tiny tubes, but I never buy it.)

The salad was classic in that it had a mayonnaise dressing.  The rest was classic Victor.

Tomatoes and peppers from the garden, hard-cooked eggs, celery, onion, and a can of tuna!

It really was good.  Every flavor was there individually and collectively.  Sometimes the best things are the simplest.

I had brought home a couple of chicken breasts to grill but after tasting the salad decided to grill them and then top them with bacon, sliced tomatoes, and melted cheese.

It was the perfect accompaniment to the perfect salad.

And since I had so little to do with dinner I made coconut rice pudding for dessert.  Victor claimed it was the best rice pudding I have ever made.

More on that later…