Another bell pepper harvest!

Victor brought in 5 beautiful peppers from the yard today and decided he would make stuffed peppers for dinner tonight.

What?!?  Me argue?!?  I don’t think so!  You’re cookin’, I’m eatin’.

The filling was a mixture of rice, Italian sausage, portobello mushroom, chopped asparagus, and garlic, moistened with a bit of his maranara sauce.  He then topped them with bread crumbs and a bit of parmesan cheese.

Oh.  Yum.

The peppers have been really good.  A really rich bell pepper flavor.  I can’t wait for the tomatoes!

We painted the back bedroom today and he pulled the dinner together between cutting in corners and awaiting the first coat to dry.

A multi-tasking guy.

The room came out a good shade lighter than we were expecting – and we were expecting light.  I really like it after the bold gold color it was.  We both decided we’re over the wall-color-as-a-statement period in our lives.  I’m liking the neutrals.  Besides, it will now make things like our hand-made quilt stand out even more.

We’re going to move into that room next weekend.  It’s the same square footage as our room right now – it’s just configured a little differently.  Time for something different.

Cybil will probably go into a neurotic fit.  She doesn’t always handle change well.  Moving her bed from one room to the other will probably send her right over the edge.

She’ll get over it.

And dinner came out perfect.  The last decent meal I’ll probably have until Wednesday.  Victor’s off to NYC for a few days for business.

I tend to eat a lot of hot dogs and/or chili burgers when he travels on business.

I don’t do cooking-for-one very well, anymore.

Cybil likes it, though…