Tonight’s dinner has been brought to you by another box of peaches.

I’ve been on a peach kick all month long… they have been beyond good.  (I wish I could say the same for plums and apricots – they’ve both been pretty sad.)  But the peaches?!?  Spectacular.

So with another 4 pounds of them rapidly ripening in the kitchen, it was time to think outside the (peach) box.

And that’s where Peach Salad was born.

Sweet and savory are a favorite flavor combination of mine and sweet peaches with sharp cheese and onions just seemed a perfect blend of flavors.  A drizzle of raspberry vinegar and some chopped fresh basil brought it all together.

It really was that simple!  I sliced 4 peaches and thinly-sliced a quarter of a red onion.  I drizzled them with raspberry vinegar and put it in the ‘fridge.  Right before serving I added basil and ribbons of a really sharp, aged asiago cheese I sliced using a potato peeler.

Rounding out the plate was a nice medium-rare roast beef with pan gravy and Israeli couscous.

To stay on the peach theme, Victor made iced tea and steeped 2 sliced peaches with the tea to make a really nice peach tea.  I usually eschew flavored beverages but this one was really good.

And tomorrow I’m thinking I need to make another peach dessert.

Time to start thinking…