This was going to be a salad.

I had the chicken in the ‘fridge, lettuce, a few cherry tomatoes from the garden.  Salads.

I picked up some bacon and focaccia – bacon to crumble and focaccia to nibble – and before I knew what happened, my salads turned into sandwiches.

I think there was an underlying bacon-and-chicken-and-melted-cheese-thing going on that had me subconsciously before the conscious brain kicked in.  It’s as good a theory as anything else.

I had a bit of onion in the ‘fridge and a single bell pepper from the garden, so they got sliced and went into the skillet, first.

I cut the chicken breasts into scallops and they went into the pan with the onion and pepper – and some garlic, salt, and pepper.  Bacon was cooked in the oven.

I split the focaccia, covered both halves with cheese and stuck them under the broiler just to melt.

And then the sandwich was assembled.

And consumed.

Sandwiches are fun food.  Absolutely anything can go between two slices of bread and they really are limited by your imagination – and ingredients on hand.

Go make a sandwich – and have fun with it!