I suppose one of the nice things about having never been to India is having no idea how Indian food would be traditionally served.  If one doesn’t know what the rules are, one doesn’t have to worry about breaking them!

Tonight’s dinner is a perfect case in point.  It was paratha – an Indian flat-bread – topped with an eggplant curry, grilled chicken breast rubbed with garam masala, a yogurt, honey, garlic, lemon, and mint sauce, and finally a few pistachios.

I have no idea if the flat-bread is used as a plate with everything on it, as a scoop or eating utensil, rolled, buttered, dipped, torn…  You get the idea.  So…

I made an Indian Tostada of sorts.

I don’t know if these foods and flavors would traditionally be served together, but it doesn’t matter.  It’s what we had for dinner.

I’ve always said that I would love to go to another country for a couple of weeks and have my own kitchen and a market within walking distance.  I’m not interested in taking cooking lessons.  I’m more interested in just wandering the markets, buying the local foods, and making what I feel like making.  I think that would be a blast.  (I would especially like a villa in Sicily overlooking the sea…)

Some people go to museums.  I go to cheese shops.  What can I say?!?

I bought the paratha and the curry, but grilled the chicken and made the yogurt sauce.  I mean, really…  I couldn’t buy the whole dinner!  What would the neighbors think?!?

This really was fun.  Definitely not your basic Friday chicken.  It had lots of spice and lots of flavor and the yogurt and cucumber cooled everything down.  The perfect ending to the week.

And it took so little time to prepare, I made a strawberry cake for dessert!

More on that, later…..