This past Saturday night I worked a function at the Elmwood Park Zoo.  It was a fundraiser called Beast of a Feast and local shops donated their wares for charity.  The event attracted close to 500 people from all walks of life and the vendors were just as diverse.

The table next to ours was from an Italian deli/cafe called Sessano.  They were making huge roast pork sandwiches on great bread made locally in Conshohocken.  Naturally, I had to schmooze with the owner and get one for myself.

And was I ever glad I did.  It was totally different than anything I had had before.  And absolutely delicious.

This was actually the first time I had ever had Italian pulled pork.  I have made pulled pork many many times, but I always do it with a southwestern/Mexican style.  I’ve also had it many times in may restaurants, but, again, with that southwestern flavor profile.

It was impressive!

I had read about Italian porchetta in La Cucina Italiana magazine a while back.  Street food of Italy.  It was a bit (okay, a lot) more labor-intensive than I wanted to do.  I filed it away.  But after having it Saturday, I knew I was going to Norristown on Monday to get some for home.

The folks working the booth were really, really nice.  Fun, friendly, and justifiably proud of their product.  The kind of folks you would want to shop with and support.

One of the guys working the event was behind the counter and recognized me the minute I walked in.  In a matter of minutes I was heading home with two pounds of porchetta, a container of peppers, and another container of extra broth.


The flavor is rich and vibrant.

It’s beautifully balanced and at the same time screams Italy!  You can taste the Italian herbs but they’re not overpowering.   It’s easy to see how they have won numerous “Best Of” awards over the years.

There are a few things in this world I just never make because someone else makes them too good to even bother.  Sessano’s porchetta has just been added to the list.  Out of this world good.  I know I shall be doing a monthly trek to Norristown to get more.  It’s only $7.50/lb.  Worth every penny and the travel time to get there!

I used Italian rolls and sliced thin slices of aged provolone from a ball I picked up earlier.  Topped with the hot peppers.  I didn’t have to do anything to it.  It was done for me.  My stomach is smiling.

Sessano Cafe and Deli is in a fairly nondescript shopping center and you could easily pass by without seeing it.  I had a GPS and still missed it the first time around.  The center looks like it’s getting a nice face-lift, though.  Lots of building going on.  A good sign!

Sessano Cafe and Deli
1840 Markley St.
Studio Centre Norristown
(formerly Logan Square Shopping Center)
Norristown, PA 19401