Yes.  Perfect grilling weather.  Actually, it has been pretty perfect all day long.  It barely hit 70° today.  Part-sun and part-overcast.  All the windows have been open and I’m listening to a symphony of birds out in the back yard.

A pretty perfect day.  This is the Spring we haven’t been getting.  Lazy days with a book in the back yard.  Or – since it is Basil Rathbone’s birthday today – a Sherlock Holmes marathon on TCM.

And a pretty perfect day calls for a pretty perfect dinner.  Porterhouse steaks seemed to fit the bill quite nicely.

There were a couple of slices of bacon in the ‘fridge that just called for topping baked potatoes – and mixing into a container of fresh peas.

And what’s a steak without grilled onions to top it all off?!?

It ended up being more food than any two people could eat – but we have luncheon leftovers for tomorrow.

And Cybil ate well, too.