It’s no secret that hot dogs are one of my most favorite foods.  Real hot dogs, that is…  made with quality ingredients and definitely skin-on.  I love that snap and pop when biting into one.  They can be plain, covered in any number of types of mustard, and are especially good with Happy Hal’s Jalapeno Relish.

Years ago there was a fast food chain called Der Weinerschitzel in San Bruno where I would get any number of fun dogs.  (The chain is still around, but that location has been gone for years.) They had Chili dogs, Corn dogs, dogs with mustard and kraut.  But no Texas Tommy.

It seems the Texas Tommy is a Philadelphia invention.  Cheese-stuffed, bacon-wrapped, and deep fried.  Victor used to get them all the time at the Lombard Swim Club in town.  I had never had one – until today.

I have to admit that they’re pretty remarkable!  Of course, how could it possibly be bad?!?  It’s bacon and cheese with one of my all-time favorite foods!

I had to look these things up and found out that they’re pretty much on any Philadelphia restaurant menu that has a grill and serves hot dogs.  Nowadays they are generally split and grilled, with the bacon and cheese being added after the fact.  Cheese Wiz is also used a lot. They trace their history back to the 1950’s and a few places still do the deep-fry.

This is another item I could see with a bazillion-and-one variations… Different cheeses, mustards, heaps of Happy Hal’s…  Onions.  Lots and lots of chopped onions.

I can’t wait to get back into the kitchen, but it is really fun having Victor cook!  Last night he did an Asian chicken with baby broccoli and pineapple over rice and I’m sure there will be something rather spectacular tonight.  Not thinking about what to cook is rather odd, but…  a guy’s gotta do what a guy’s gotta do.

The knee is coming along perfectly.  Today is usually the worst day as far as swelling and pain go, but there’s very little swelling and virtually no pain.  Granted, the Vicodin is helping immensely, but this is definitely a testament to my surgeon, Dr Joseph Vernace. The man knows what he’s doing!

Actually, everyone involved in the procedure was great, from the lovely young woman who did the initial admit to the staff nurses, anesthesiologist, recovery room, and the lovely lady who walked us to the car.  At every juncture, there was competence, concern, empathy – and humor.  It was obvious the staff liked each other and they worked as a complete team.

THAT is why I’m feeling good, today!

Texas Tommy’s also help.