The most simple of foods can be turned stellar and extravagant with just a simple tweak.  Such is the case of the simple grilled cheese sandwich.

On its own, a grilled cheese is one of the passages of childhood.  Bread, butter, and cheese, grilled to a toasty-brown.  As we get older, the sandwich tends to fall to the wayside as our palates (and pocketbooks) expand.

And then we start longing for that comfort-food of our youth, but the adult palate wants more than a bowl of Campbell’s Tomato Soup along side.

Enter Happy Hal’s Jalapeno Relish.

I’ve been a fan of Happy Hal’s for several years, now.  So much of a fan that I went out of my way to meet the owner Susie Spurlock and her husband Joe at the Whole Foods Farmers Market in Devon.  And then to offer my services redoing their website.

I like the stuff!  It has two ingredients – jalapeno peppers and vinegar.  That’s it.  No fillers, no binders, no gums or other ingredients designed to make you think you’re eating something better or higher-quality than it actually is.

Two ingredients.

I have used it as a relish on hot dogs and burgers, made Jalapeno Hollandaise Sauce, put it in deviled eggs, tuna salad, baked macaroni and cheese…  The possibilities are endless.

So for my more grown-up grilled cheese today, I merely spread a heaping spoonful of Happy Hal’s in the sandwich before grilling.  It went from ordinary to extraordinary in a snap.

Oh…  and Happy Hal is having a Salute to the Troops Sale during May.  One dollar off every jar online.

Head over and pick up a couple, today!