Yesterday it was 80°.  Right now it’s 48° outside.  It’s been cold and damp all day.  It’s the perfect excuse to turn last nights leftover chicken into a pot pie.  Of sorts.

This was just what the weatherman ordered!  Hot and creamy with cheesy-dill biscuits on top.  Perfect cold-weather fare.

This is the sort of meal I just throw together based upon what’s in the ‘fridge.  I had actually planned to do a BBQ’s pork, but the chicken was there and the weather wasn’t really conducive to BBQ.

I sauteed onion and celery in some butter.  When it was looking good, I added flour, mixed it well, then slowly added about a quart of chicken stock.  (The chicken stock came out of the freezer – I have more simmering to replace it with.)

When it had thickened a bit, I added some salt and pepper, a bit of poultry seasoning, and some rosemary.

Next I added the chicken from the carcass, cooked pasta (I didn’t have any flat or wide egg noodles so I used a couple of handfuls of open partial boxes) and some frozen mixed vegetables.I always have frozen nixed vegetables in the freezer because you just never know when you’ll need them.  They really are convenient.

Heat went to low and I made the biscuits.

You can use your favorite baking mix but I made these using self-rising flour.  Into the flour I added butter, eggs, dill, and cubed cheese.  I then added heavy cream until I got the consistency I wanted.

This is why it’s difficult to actually write recipes, sometimes.  I didn’t start with a set amount of anything.  There was maybe 2 cups of flour left in the bag so I dumped it into a bowl and went from there.

I used a small scoop and dropped the biscuits onto the boiling filling and baked it for about 18 minutes at 425°.

And the important part of that sentence is boiling filling.  The biscuit needs to cook from both the top and the bottom.  If it went on a cold filling the filling would not heat up fast enough to cook the biscuit and it would be doughy on the bottom – and over-cooked on top.  Start with a hot filling and put into a hot oven.

We had lots of leftovers so this may keep me from eating hot dogs all day tomorrow while Victor is in New York shopping and otherwise having fun.

I get to have a knee MRI and see a Urologist.

Guess who is going to have the most fun!