I pulled a small piece of top round steak out of the freezer this morning without a clear idea of what I wanted to do.  By 9am I knew I wanted a burger – a chopped beef burger. The weather has been frightful,  pouring rain, hail, wind… Perfect for a barbecue.  (We got your weather, Kate!!)

Chopping beef – as in using a food processor – really creates a different taste and texture from a traditional ground beef.  And chopping a round steak means it’s virtually fat-free.

I fried up some sweet red peppers and a couple of slices of bacon and they added just the right amount of necessary greasiness.  Not to mention a ton of flavor.  A burger without a little bit of grease just isn’t any fun at all!

It was way-bigger than I could finish.  Cybil was very happy.

I really would like to see a bit more warmth from Mother Nature.  I have a bazillion warm-weather menu ideas floating aound in my head, but I can’t get motivated on anything when the weather sucks.

Maybe I’ll just start planning Easter and not worry about anything else.  There are Peeps to figure out what to do with!