When I think of pork tenderloins, I usually think grill or cut into cutlets.  When Victor thinks pork tenderloin, it’s stuffed.


Before leaving for work this morning, I took a tenderloin out of the freezer with the intention of doing a quick marinade and grilling it for dinner.  Nothing fancy, just a quick, easy meal.

When I got home, Victor said that dinner had just gone into the oven – stuffed tenderloin!  Love it!

As I have said many times before, I love cooking – but I also love someone else cooking.  If you’re cooking, I’m eating and not complaining.

And I’m especially not complaining if Victor is cooking.  He’s a really good cook.

Tonight’s gastronomical delight was the aforementioned pork tenderloin stuffed with breadcrumbs, sun-dried tomatoes, and fresh mozzarella, with baby broccoli and rice.

Classic goodness.

And to make a perfect meal even better, there’s apple cake for dessert!

A perfect meal.

And as I sit here and write about my perfect meal, friends of ours have just evacuated from Cairo, Illinois.  Lori and Ev have had to leave all of their earthly goods and their beautiful home with no idea what is going to happen.  Their home could literally be under water at any moment.  Missouri House Speaker Steve Tilley (R) actually stated that it would be better to flood Cairo than to open up the floodway and flood farmland.  Farmland that is specifically set aside since 1928 for such a disaster.   Missouri actually sued to keep the Army Corps of Engineers from breaching the levees because farmland is more important than poor people in a small town.  Fortunately, they lost.  The bastards.  It’s unconscionable.

So… Think of them tonight and send positive thoughts to the southern tip of Illinois.

They need it.