It’s Victor’s Birthday, today.  With all the things we’ve done this month – from new granite counters to iPads and family parties, today is almost anti-climatic.  I got the truck inspected (Ka-CHING!) and made a Dr appointment for next week, and Victor is working late.  Almost like a normal day around here.

But I did make a fun screen-saver, call, sing, and bring home flowers.  And pulled a couple of lobster tails out of the freezer.  (Yes, we had lobster tails in our freezer.  Julia Child always spoke of having a well-stocked larder.)

I thought of a dozen different things to do with them, but salads really were just the thing for dinner.  It’s gone from winter to summer overnight.  At almost 80° the weather just screamed fresh fruits and vegetables.

The lobster salad, itself, was pretty basic… I cooked the tails and chopped them and added lemon zest, lemon juice, onion, garlic, celery, pickle, mayo, salt, and pepper.  Very simple.  I wanted to still be able to taste a bit of lobster in them.

The salad was greens, blueberry chevre, tomato, cucumber, strawberries, and blackberries.  Dressing was strawberry white balsamic vinegar, grapeseed oil, salt, pepper, and a bit of thyme.

Really light, bright, and flavorful.

I love the fact that we can be both extravagant and low-key.  It’s just fun to be fun.

In an hour or so, we have Carrot Cake that need to be consumed.  And three types of ice cream.  Ice cream is just about my favorite food group.  And it’s Victor’s birthday, after all.