Opening kitchen cupboards is always a bit of a thrill at our house.  You never quite know what you’re going to find.

I’m pretty good at going through and actually using things, but when I do those wild and crazy shopping treks at places like Assi, there can be a lot of things lurking in the corners…

Like Lee Kum Kee Lemongrass Sauce.

I don’t use a lot of jarred sauces, but as I have said before,  Asian cooking slightly eludes me.  These have definitely come in handy!  Asian cooking just isn’t as intuitive to me as other cultures can be.  And growing up in San Francisco didn’t help matters.  Bad Chinese restaurants are better than most restaurants elsewhere.  Why cook it when you can get it down the street at a great price?  When I lived at 9th and Judah, there was a Chinese bakery 3 doors down from me that had BBQ Pork Buns at 3/$1.00.  There’s no incentive to learn to cook!

10 years away from it has me buying jarred sauces.  One of these days I may have to think about honing my skills a bit better.

In the meantime, Lee Kum Kee will have to do!

I had the steak from yesterday all ready to go, so I just sliced thin strips and marinated them in a few tablespoons of the sauce.  Onto a hot grill for a few minutes and Instant BBQ! White rice and broccoli steamed with Asian Mushroom Stew Sauce.  (Sorta like a mushroom soy sauce!)

A really quick and easy – and quite tasty – meal.