I have a recipe for flank steak that I have been making for years…   It’s double-marinated and, served cold, is a great hors d’oeuvre or salad topper, and makes a great sandwich.

I was kinda thinking of that recipe when I picked up this flank steak yesterday, but decide today to streamline the process and just do a simpler single marinade.

Rice wine, soy sauce, sesame oil, garlic, black pepper, and chili paste (sambal oelek.)

And it worked quite well!  Lots of oomph and lots of flavor.

An Asian-inspired flank steak needs an Asian-inspired vegetable to go along with it.  I had green beans and peas in the freezer – the green beans won.  I sauteed a bit of onion in sesame oil, added the beans and a splash of rice wine and soy sauce and a sprinkling of black sesame seeds.

And white rice.  Yes, I know that brown rice is better for you, yada yada, yada, but white rice works so much better with Asian flavors.

I just used up the last of my favorite rice – Lundberg – and none of the local stores carry it, anymore.  It’s whole-grain rice with a really rich, nutty flavor and chewy texture. I bought up the last of it when the local PathMark stopped selling it.

However…  the internet and free shipping means I’ll be having more delivered next week right to the door. Every now and again, technology really makes me smile.

C’mon Spring!  I’m seeing some nice rice salads in my (warmer-weather) future!