What do you do when you have a sheet of puff pastry in the ‘fridge?  Make little danish pastries, that’s what!

While I was in the office cursing at a database that has been giving me grief (I finally got it working properly!!!)  Victor headed to the kitchen…

He cut the sheet into fourths and added a different filling to each one…

  • goat cheese and lemon curd
  • goat cheese and apricot jam
  • lemon curd
  • apricot jam

Two sweet and two sweet and savory.  He sealed them, brushed with egg wash and then sprinkled demerara sugar on top.  Into a 400° oven.

We cut each of them in half and got to share in all of the various flavors.  I love sweet and savory combinations and I especially love them when they include a nice, tart goat cheese.

We’re heading into a bit of a fun-food-eating-frenzy today.  It’s tradition, except we’re 3000 miles away from where we should be.

We always used to fly home for Pop’s birthday – February 4th – which just happened to coincide with Superbowl Sunday.  There was never any doubt that we would all be there when Pop was there, but somehow it’s not quite as high on the importance list now that he’s gone.

So it will be a bit quieter t0day but come March 19th – Look Out San Francisco!  Six weeks later than usual but all six of us will be together for a bit of fun.

Coming from a large family really is fun.  I miss the chaos.

And we’re staying down at the Wharf this trip.  Around the corner from Cost Plus.  It’s gonna be fun playing tourist in my home town!