Leftovers are a good thing – especially when Victor is working with them!

I had planned a totally different dinner tonight, but when I got home realized I had no potatoes.  I bought a 5 lb bag at the local PathMark on Monday and ended up throwing most of them away.  I’ll get my money back next Monday, but for tonight, it put a crimp in the dinner plan.

While I am lamenting my potato woes, Victor says he’ll cook dinner. He actually was looking to use the pasta sauce he made the other day and who am I to argue if he want to cook dinner?!?  Mrs. Dineen did not raise a dummy!

So out comes the sauce, the pork, the meatballs…  repurposing with a purpose.

He cookd up odds and ends of the various pastas we always seem to have in the cabinet and layered it all with sauce, fontina cheese, peas, the meatballs and the pork.  More cheese on top and into the oven it went.  350° for 30 minutes.

Simple and outstanding.

These are the types of foods I can eat all night.  It’s comfort-food.  I did practice restraint – not something I do very well.

One helping with several slices of Italian bread.  I sopped up every last bit of sauce and savored that very last bite of crusty bread with sauce, the teeniest bit of meat and one lone pea.