Victor leaves tomorrow morning for a week in Dallas.  Poor guy.  A week of hotels, maid-service, and room service. Rough.

I thought we both deserved a decent meal today because when he’s gone, I tend to live on hot dogs and chili burgers.

I admit it.  Cooking for one is no fun.  It’s hard to get creative just for me.  On the other hand, he doesn’t really travel very much anymore so it’s not like I do this a lot…

This morning was cheddar cheese omelettes, bacon, and fresh-squeezed orange juice.

Fresh-squeezed.  What a difference.  And yes, it took me three more minutes than just opening up a carton, but…  what a difference.

There’s no fancy, expensive juicer involved that has to be assembled/unclogged/reassembled/washed/assembled/ad nauseam… I have my grandmothers green-tinted glass juicer that’s much older than I am.  No assembly or clogging – and it goes right into the dishwasher.  You can buy newer models for 5 bucks.  Or at Goodwill for two bits.

Whole wheat English muffins and Sicilian blood orange marmalade finished the meal.

And me.