I’ve been spending an inordinate amount of time trying to get a new website configured (FINALLY got everything in place a little while ago!) but my cooking and writing about it have suffered a bit. Today, Victor finally figured that if he was going to eat dinner, he would probably have to cook it, himself.  It’s not that I don’t want to cook or eat, it’s just that time can get away from me a bit when I’m up to my neck in things that should work – but don’t.

So just as I was about to throw my hands up in the air and run screaming out of the room, Victor said he would cook dinner.

He just knows…..

I had brought home a pork tenderloin and there was some Italian sausage in the ‘fridge from last night, so a stuffed pork tenderloin was created!

The stuffing was fresh breadcrumbs, hot Italian sausage, celery, carrot, leeks, dates, and a bit of chicken broth.

The hot sausage and the sweet dates really worked well together!    And he roasted a sweet potato and some broccoli with olive oil and a splash of balsamic vinegar.

It was perfect.

Snow has started to fall and I have a bunch of stuff to redo since migrating databases and upgrading servers wreaked havoc.

Oh well.  It’s keeping me from baking a cake right now.