You know life is good when you decide to make a rack of lamb for dinner because you’re feeling lazy.

But less than15 minutes in a hot oven and dinner was on the table.  The rice took longer to cook!

And fresh carrots steamed and then sauteed with honey and dill finished off the plate.

Back when I worked at Hugo’s at the Hyatt Lake Tahoe I cooked a dozen or so racks of lamb every night.  There, we seared them, spread a thick layer of dijon mustard on them, covered ’em with seasoned bread crumbs, and finished them in a  hot oven.  Probably charged 25 bucks for it – in 1976.

This was considerably easier – and less expensive.

Lamb is something I don’t cook often.  No particular reason other than I really just don’t think of it.

One of these days I’m going to have to try and replicate my Great-Aunt Dolores’ bone-in leg of lamb, complete with lamb gravy.  It was stellar.  I remember a lot of garlic…  she sliced it in slivers and stuck it deep into the leg.  And rosemary.  Auntie was a great cook.  It will have to be for a crowd, though.  A bone-in leg would be a bit much for two.

One of these days…..