Spending the day restoring and reinstalling programs on a new computer doesn’t mean we go hungry around here.  Nope.  Not us.  The web will wait  There’s food to be consumed!

I do have to admit I did about the easiest meal I could thing of, though!  Pan-fried pork chops (I really do need to get some gas for the grill!) finished in the oven.

Just as they were done, I put the pan back on the stove and added a hefty splash of brandy, cooked it down for a moment, and then added a couple of tablespoons of apricot preserves.  It coated the chops nicely and gave it that sweet and savory flavor I like so well.

The broccolini was steamed and then drizzled with lemon balsamic vinegar and the potatoes were oven-roasted for about 30 minutes (at 375°) with herbs d’Provence and a bit of olive oil.

From start-to-finish, it took about 45 minutes of cutting, prep, and cooking.  Most of it was done in the oven, so I could continually check on file transfers.

I can see variations on this happening for a while!  Soy sauce mixed with those preserves…  Or balsamic vinegar…

Definitely some variations…