Welcome to bachelorhood.  Ugh.

Victor is in Dallas for the week and I’m home painting.  He doesn’t know that I’m home painting.

Surprises are fun!

I’m painting the kitchen and dining area – the first time they’ve been painted since we remodeled almost 10 years ago.

It really didn’t look that bad until I started taking things off the walls. Dingy doesn’t even begin to describe it.

But with the kitchen torn apart and no one here to cook for, anyway, my eating habits are going straight to the dog.  Hot dogs, that is, although I’ll probably go for a chili burger for dinner tonight.  With potato chips.

I did a quick pan-fry of two petite steaks for lunch today.  And Iced Coffee.  I need the caffeine to keep me going.

Painting is pretty unexciting.

Except it’s gonna look great when it’s done!

A clean, sparkling kitchen to mess up!

Oh joy!