Every now and again I have to get a bone-in ham so I can get a ham bone.  Lentil, navy bean, or split pea soup is the real reason for having a ham in the first place.  I loves me soups.

And I like ham.

I picked up a quarter-ham (which is still way too much ham for just the two of us) and then played clean-out-the-refrigerator for the rest of dinner.

We had leftover mashed potatoes from a few days ago that I specifically asked Victor to save so I could make potato pancakes.  He laughed and said his Uncle Rudy always wanted the leftover mashed potatoes to be saved for the same reason – and never made them.  The not so subtle implication was that I wasn’t going to, either.

He was almost correct.  I had forgotten all about them until Victor was looking through tupperware for lunch.

He found The Potatoes.

I immediately announced we would be having them for dinner!  It was almost as if I had planned it all along.  We both knew I hadn’t.

But I did make potato pancakes for dinner with the ham!

To about a cup and a half of potatoes, I added a hefty couple of tablespoons of flour and 1 egg.  A pinch of salt, pepper, and garlic powder, mixed well,  and they went into a hot skillet with a bit of olive oil.

The brussels sprouts were merely cut in half and sauted.

Tomorrow I think I will bring Victor’s mom over a bit of ham when I do her shopping and package a bit up for the freezer.

I think Victor should make lentil soup with the bone on Tuesday.  He just finished his fresh  pasta for tomorrow…