I really like Boursin cheese.  Not necessarily as a stand-alone cheese, but for all the things it can be used for.

My two favorite ways to use Boursin is in mashed potatoes (outrageously good) and as a sauce.  A bit of Boursin melted with a bit of heavy cream or milk makes the perfect sauce for vegetables, beef, chicken… Outrageoulsly good.

For tonight’s dinner I started by sauteing a small chopped onion with some finely chopped mushrooms.  When the onions were properly wilted, I added a bag of frozen chopped spinach, garlic powder, salt, and pepper.

While that was heating, I took one whole boneless chicken breast (both halves) and pounded it to a uniform thickness.

I spread about a third of a cup of ricotta cheese on top and then about a cup or so of the spinach mixture.

I rolled it up, put it in a greased pan and into a 350° for about 40 minutes.

To serve, I placed more of the spinach filling on the plate, put slices of the chicken on top and then added the Boursin sauce.  Whole-grain rice finished the plate.

And I bought dessert tonight because for the remainder of the evening I am going to be playing with my brand-new Adobe Creative Suite 5 Master Collection.  15+  programs I will never fully know how to use.  But I’m gonna have fun with it no matter how much I don’t know!

Be afraid.  Be very afraid!