Yesterday about 11:00am, I realized it was happening.  I am in the early throes of the 2010 Cold-From-Hell.

I am so not amused.

‘Tis the Season, and all that.  When you are working with the public, it’s just inevitable.

Did I mention I am not amused?!?

Feed a cold, feed a fever, I always say, so I decided on a quick and easy dinner.  I had chicken in the ‘fridge, potatoes, and a butternut squash.  Set.

The potatoes got drizzled with olive oil, sprinkled with garlic powder, salt, and pepper and went into a 350° oven for 45 minutes.  The butternut squash got peeled, cut and cubed, drizzled with maple syrup and a bit of salt and went into the same oven for the same 45 minutes.

The  chicken was salted, peppered, garlicked, and saged, and went into a nice hot skillet.  When it was just about done, I pulled the chicken out of the pan, deglazed it with a bit of grenadine liqueur and a splash of water and when it cooked down, added some fresh cranberry sauce.  Fresh as in homemade.  It’s been hanging around since Thanksgiving.  (The stuff has a shelf life just short of plutonium.)

The chicken went back into the skillet, heated all the way through, and dinner was served.

My taste buds are still working.  Sweet and savory was a good combination.

I think it’s gonna be an early night.