Have I ever mentioned how much I love it when Victor cooks?

But what I love even more is when he cooks and makes a mess in the kitchen!  He will laughingly talk about what a mess I can make in the kitchen and how neat and clean he is in the kitchen.  Both are partially true.  We cook differently but we also cook different foods.  And what we cook definitely has an effect on the scope of the mess – or lack thereof.

So it was with complete joy that I walked into the kitchen this evening to see three dirty pots, rice that had boiled over, dirty blender…

Plus he took an otherwise totally healthy meal and put a (homemade) hollandaise sauce on top of it.

That’s love.  Definitely one of life’s little joys.

Dinner itself was very simple.  Broiled cod, rice and peas.  The hollandaise did take it right over the top.  And I do have to admint I not only cleaned my plate, but sopped up the remaining hollandaise with a dinner roll.

It was that good.

And while I was dealing with the great unwashed public today, he was making more Christmas cookies.

Uncle Rudy’s Pizzelles and the most outrageous Walnut Biscotti!

I’ll get that posted later…..