It’s still snowing outside.  I don’t quite see the 8″-12″ they’re predicting, though.  Right now it looks like a bit of a bust at our house.  Bummer.  But it’s put me in winter cooking mode nonetheless.

Tonight was Beef ‘n Biscuits.

A simple beef stew with a biscuit topping.

There’s no real recipe to this.  Make a beef stew (or open a can of Dinty Moore) and make some biscuits (the recipe is on the back of the baking mix box) and pop it all into the oven for 15 or so minutes.

The only real secret is to make sure your stew is really hot before putting the biscuit dough on.  If it’s not hot, the bottom of the biscuit will not bake and it will be doughy.

I use a medium scoop when dishing the biscuit dough, but a hefty tablespoon will work just fine.  Just be careful not to make the biscuits too big.  They will rise and get much larger in the oven.

This is pure comfort food and perfect for a snowy evening.