Tomatoes, bacon, and iceberg lettuce.  On toast with mayonnaise.

It doesn’t get much better  – except the bread was the homemade bread I made on Saturday.  It is definitely one of the better homemade sandwich breads I’ve had.

An Ruffles potato chips.

That was an impulse-buy at the grocery store this morning.  I really don’t remember the last time I had a bag of Ruffles.  I usually opt for kettle chips or tortilla chips on those rare occasions I actually break down and buy them.

I have nothing against potato chips.  I just don’t need the calories.  But every now and again they’re fun.

And I have nothing against iceberg lettuce, either.  I like the crunch and you can’t get that with other lettuces.  And for those of you who wouldn’t dream of buying iceberg but buy those packages of romaine hearts by the truckload?!?  Guess what?!?  Nutritional value of the two is the same.