The upside of not hosting a holiday dinner is the chaos, confusion, and dirty dishes are all at someone else’s home.  The downside is all the leftovers are there, too.  I like holiday leftovers.  So, today, we created our own.

The day after Thanksgiving…  Black Friday.  Shoppers frenzy.  We don’t leave the house.

This is Christmas Decorating Day!

We’re definitely a couple of Santa’s Elves when it comes to decorating.  It’s just a lot of fun.  We have so many decorations it’s frightening.  There’s a dozen huge plastic bins in the basement, plus all the stuff that doesn’t fit in bins- the wreaths, and all that stuff…  It’s a lot of work just getting the bins up the stairs.

And then the fun starts as we open each one and go through every Santa, every ornament, and figure out where they’re going to go this year.

This year is especially different because we rearranged the whole living room after finally getting drapes for the front window.  Everything needs a new home.

We’re crazy, I know, but it’s a fun sort of crazy.

So…  in-between hauling bins upstairs, emptying them and bringing them back down, I had to deal with our lack of leftovers.

I cooked a turkey.  And dressing.  And gravy.  And mashed potatoes…

A feast.

I had made cranberry sauce on Wednesday and pumpkin rolls yesterday.

A feast, indeed.

The turkey came out great.  I broke the whole carcass down, packaged the meat, and have the carcass simmering away right now for a big Sunday Soup – my favorite part of Thanksgiving – other than the sandwiches tomorrow…

There’s also pumpkin pie in the ‘fridge for later.

But not too much later…  I’m ready for bed.