What do you do when you have turkey and are not quite in the mood for turkey a la king or turkey tetrazzini?!?

Make a Turkey Club!

I really love a good clubhouse sandwich, but rarely order one out anymore because it seems they’re all made with turkey roll.   If I want lunch-meat, I’ll buy lunch-meat.  A Turkey Club should be made with hand-carved fresh-roasted turkey.  And thick-sliced bacon.  And fresh ripe tomatoes.  Crisp iceberg lettuce.  Mayonnaise.  Toast.

As basic as basic can be.  There really is no big trick.  A couple of good, quality ingredients make for a fantastic sandwich.

And I do have to admit that these were pretty good sandwiches.Neither of us cleaned our plates, but we did a good job trying!

And those sweet potatoes?!?

Even better than last night!