The Midwest has been going through some of the worst weather in recorded history, the past 24 or so hours.  Howling winds, blinding rain, flight cancellations by the hundreds.  A total mess.  Here, outside of Valley Forge, it’s a warmish 73°, kinda damp, dark, and looking like it would really like  to storm a bit.

Perfect barbecue weather.

I had picked up another tenderloin and, armed with a sharp knife, cut a couple of nice steaks.

I put some teeny tiny potatoes in the oven with a bit of olive oil and garlic, pulled some peas out of the freezer, and while I grilled, Victor cooked some onions.

Steak and onions.  It is just such a great flavor combination.  I don’t even care what kind of onions they are – they all turn sweet in a skillet.

And speaking of sweet, there’s pumpkin pie in the fridge for later on this evening…

And thunderstorms in the forecast.

Let it storm.  We have an old egg beater to whip cream if the power goes out.

Always prepared.