Several weeks ago, Victor made Pansotti con salsa di noci for his Monday Pasta.  The recipe made quite a bit of the pasta, so into the freezer it went – until tonight.

Victor had made tomato sauce a couple of days ago from the horde of tomatoes we’ve harvested and I was in the mood for EyeTalian.  A dinner was born.

I had about a half-pound of mushrooms and about the same amount of filet tips, so I sauteed them off in a bit of olive oil and garlic, added a couple of cups of the fresh tomato sauce, a couple of ounces of grated grana padano, and a pinch of fresh herbs.  I  cooked off the frozen pansotti, tossed everything together and sliced up some of yesterday’s bread.

It was a treat not to really have to cook, but have a fresh-made dinner.

So to celebrate not really having to do anything, I made a Bananas Foster Bread from Cooking Light Magazine.