I decided today was the day to address the fairytale pumpkin I bought last month.

One of the great things about big ol’ squash like this is they can sit around and look pretty for weeks before you have to do anything with or to them!

Fairytale pumpkins are some of the best-eating pumpkins around.

They’re deeply ridged with a bright orange flesh that just screams to be roasted, pureed, and made into soups, stews, and pies!

I quartered this particular beast and placed it on two sheet pans and put them into 350° ovens.

I didn’t put anything on them at all, nor did I cover them.  They roasted for about an hour and a half.

When a skewer went in and out with no problem, they were done.

I scraped the flesh into the food processor and made a lot of puree.

A LOT of puree.  Probably about 20 cups or so.  Enough for about a dozen pies.

It’s all nicely portioned.  The two-cup measure is for a possible pie tonight.  The rest will go into the refrigerator and freezer.

It’s a lot of pumpkin for $7.99.